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Laws of the Blood: Deceptions

My 21st Century time travel book Walking On The Moon is now available from Cerridwen Press in tradesize paperback and e-book. Cerridwen Press's books can be ordered from their website, and the paperback can also be ordered from Amazon. So, check out the Cerridwen Press website to read an excerpt from Walking On The Moon, and buy the book.

Or buy the paperback from Amazon. 

Moons' Dreaming & Moons' Dancing

In a world under three moons, in the courts and villages of three kingdoms, the fates of the Dreamers are at stake. Only Dreamers can bend the power of the gods and perform the magic that holds chaos at bay. The Dreamers are always few in number, born of rare unions between ruling Shapers and peasant Keepers. The Shapers no longer believe in magic. The practical Keepers no longer see any need for it... Princess Vray of Rhenlan is a Shaper, sent into exile. Dael, captain of the royal guard of Rhenlan, is a Keeper who carries the seeds of a revolution in his heart... can the rare and tender love so necessary for the birth of Dreamers blossom in time to save their world?

Moons' Dreaming

Moons' Dreaming is the first in a two book Epic Fantasy with co-author Marguerite Krause. Hardcover and trade paperback editions from Five Star Speculative Fiction.

Moons' Dancing

Moons' Dancing is the second in a two book Epic Fantasy with co-author Marguerite Krause. Hardcover and trade paperback editions from Five Star Speculative Fiction.

Gates Of Hell

My first Science Fiction (and of course it has a hot romance!) novel, GATES OF HELL is now available in tradesize paperback from Speculation Press. Speculation Press's books can be ordered from the website. So, pop over to the Spec Press website to read the first 25 pages of GATES OF HELL, check out the reviews and see what you think!

Speculation Press Kindle Edition

Read the review at Crescent Blues.

GATES OF HELL is the story of Pyr Kadanni. He is a man with a lot of problems. Not the least of which is that everyone in the galaxy is out to kill him. All he wants to do is hunt down a missing crewmember. Oh, and save the galaxy from plague, politics and his fellow pirates while hes at it. Dying of a slow poison and addicted to the drug that counteracts the plague, he has very little hope of accomplishing his goals unless an alien woman with the gift of healing with a touch can be convinced to help him.

And speaking of GATES OF HELL, and the United Systems, I am working on other books set in US Universe. Stay tuned for more info on FALL FROM GRACE and a so-far untitled work set during the Trin War (if you read GATES OF HELL you'll understand...).

Speculation Press

Previous Science Fiction

  • Forever Knight : A Stirring of Dust (1997) - A vampire novel based on the syndicated television series "Forever Knight"
  • Moons' Dreaming/Moons' Dancing - The Children Of The Rock 1 & 2 (1999) by Susan Sizemore and Marguerite Krause - Two-book Epic Fantasy on CD-ROM - EPPIE 2000 Finalist

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